Why Trumpism and Conservatism are Incompatible

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Donald Trump is a liar, a bigot, and a leftist cloaked as conservative. He winks at the alt-right movement brought to life by his campaign. Without a full-scale fight against Trump’s cult of nationalism, it could soon consume and destroy the Republican Party.

As a young conservative, I cringe at the elementary rhetoric Trump uses and how he cannot muster up a single concise sentence to debunk Hillary Clinton’s immoral arguments, in particular her abortion argument in the October 19th debate. The Democratic Party selected its weakest modern day candidate, and this was the chance for conservatism to pounce. Any rudimentary Republican could have crushed Hillary over her corruption and wild leftism, but Trump isn’t the candidate because he doesn’t possess an ounce of conservatism.

After the media slandered McCain and Romney, it made sense to pick a totally anti-media candidate, but Trump was not the right choice because he labels every media entity that speaks truth as “rigged”(Except for maybe Hannity). This undermines the legitimacy of future anti-media arguments for conservatives because Trump has left a trail of crying wolf. Many conservatives could accept some of the non-conservative policy subscriptions that Romney or McCain had, but they cannot bring themselves to accept the immorality and ugliness that consumes Donald Trump’s ethics and politics.

American conservatives, and especially young conservatives, have to ask ourselves the following about how to move forward as a movement: Is the alt-right movement something we are okay with representing conservatism? Or should we disprove these evil ideas and push forward a new brand of conservatism that represents liberty and equality without being racist, bigoted, or misogynistic?

Unless Americans can remove the strand of Trumpism that is taking over the Republican Party, American politics will become consumed by excess nationalism in where there are only two choices between a right-wing super-nationalist and a socialist. (Trump and Bernie Sanders)

If you don’t think that the future of America lives or dies by 2016, then you must reject Trump and form a new conservative movement predicated on limited government and individual responsibility.

-Andrew Skibbie

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