Why the Youth Should Adopt Conservatism

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First, strip away the PC connotations that come to mind when somebody says “conservative” or “Republican”. Next, imagine a political system that truly adheres to the message of the Declaration of Independence. Imagine a system of Lockean rights and Austrian economics, rights of life, liberty, and property that are unalienable and a true system of equal opportunity.

Today’s Republicans are plagued with awkwardly outdated messages. They often fail to satisfy their constituents by cozying up to big business; the fact is that we live in a corporatist system. Both parties have often negated the hopes and wishes of everyday people for the conformity of the money-before-principle system that is occupying our current political sphere.

Instead of speaking in layman’s terms, establishment Republicans like Mitt Romney and Jeb Bush often speak of politics in a terribly boring manner of policy wish-wash. Instead of talking about why leftist economics are impracticable, they seem to always talk about cutting social security by X percent to raise the GDP by Y percent. This does not resonate with young people.

The truth is that small government and individual liberty are sexy ideas. Young people should want conservatism so that we can change the world, together. Not through government interventionism, but facilitated through a united movement that stresses individual liberty, responsibility, and freedom to move farther as a society without the government holding us back.

Millennials have problems with the free-market. “How can we just rely on greed to carry a society?” The best form of forced altruism is with a capitalist system. What this means is that the free-market is predicated on the idea that if I don’t provide you something that improves your life, I will starve, which ultimately leads to more competition and innovation in fields like technology and medicine to make the lives of everyday citizens immensely better.

The left does a great job institutionalizing their ideology, whether it is seen in Hollywood, the mainstream media, or especially colleges campus, conservatives have work to do.

This is why we need a full-scale conservative revolution, to shape a movement that seeks to get government out of your life, so that you can make a better life for yourself.

-Andrew Skibbie

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