Why Republicans Should Turn Back to Classic Liberalism

source: pixabay.com via wynpnt

Most Americans lie in the ‘moderate’ area on the political spectrum. Most people think the government is necessary, but should be run in a fiscally expedient way, and which tries not to tax the crap out of you. Americans are largely individualists who believe in freedom of property, press, and religion, but also with a yearning to help those less fortunate than us. Americans have a sense of liberty imprinted on them that is innate to no other nation of people because of our abnormal and exceptional founding.

With the Democratic party straying further and further to the ‘left’, Republicans have a chance to create a true ‘center-right’ country built on largely free markets, free press, and absolute freedom of religion. Trump in a way has captured the needs of Americans on all ends of the ideological spectrum because on his moderate policies. Trump’s trade policies are on the left, his social policies are more libertarian, and his foreign policy seems to be a mix of Rand Paul and Ted Cruz.

A true conservative revival in America would be reliant on the Republicans’ willingness to project the needs and wants of everyday Americans. A lot of Americans are classically liberal, but don’t necessarily associate themselves with an ideology. A true grass roots movement would harp on classically liberal principles like gun rights, capitalism, and individualism, principles that both parties, but especially the Democrats, seem to be straying away from.




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