Why America Has an Abortion Problem

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Around one million babies are aborted every year in America. More than half the pregnancies among American women are unintended, 4 in 10 of those pregnancies end in abortion. Abortion may be one of the greatest ethical horrors since slavery. If progress is to be made in the United States, reform has to occur through grass-roots activism to promulgate the notion that all humans are created equal, and they deserve the opportunity to live in the greatest country in the history of the world.

The youth should be raised in a culture that understands that life is sacred. A counter-culture is imperative to bring pro-life values to the forefront of our cultural dialogue. If we as a society can come to a consensus that all human life is intrinsically valuable, then we can move forward to protect life in every instance where it may be threatened, specifically abortion.

There are a myriad of cruel methods used to abort babies, but the most common practices occur during the first trimester. One first trimester method is vacuum aspiration. In this procedure, the abortionist sticks a suction tube into the cervix; the uterus is emptied by a manual syringe or high-powered suction machine. As the suction machine is working, the baby leaves the uterus in pieces as he/she is pulled through the medical hose. First trimester abortions occur more often, but there are still instances of late term abortions. A late term abortion method is Dilation and Extraction, or Partial Birth Abortion. This happens after the mother undergoes two days of dilation. The first step is the abortionist uses forceps to pull the child into a feet down position outside of the birth canal with the head still inside (Legally, if the head were to slip out of the birth canal, it would be considered murder to abort it). Then the abortionist pierces the child’s skull with scissors, and a suction catheter is inserted into the brain and the child’s brain tissue is vacuumed out. It is beyond me how actions like vacuum aspiration and partial birth abortion occur everyday in America without end. How can the country that has been a beacon of hope in the world and that has lifted its’ people out of poverty in rates higher than any other country in the world allow this genocide to continue?

America has an abortion problem because we have strayed away from the traditional view that life is absolutely valuable. The answer to this ethical qualm is more dialogue, not less. The facts are on the pro-life side, and the quicker that we can spread knowledge through respectful discourse, the sooner we can end the atrocity of murdering 1 million children per year.

-Andrew Skibbie



  1. Instead of promulgating the notion the women’s bodies are solely for incubating babies, how about considering the idea that working together to make contraception available to everyone at no-cost will reduce abortions, unwanted pregnancies, and save women’s lives? Abortion is NEVER an easy decision. Making abortion illegal will not eliminate abortion.

    • Thats like saying that illegalizing murder won’t stop murder. Just because an egregious ethical issue will persist doesn’t mean the state is void of responsibility from preventing it from happening.

  2. Moreover, promulgating the use of birth control to limit abortion only exacerbates the culture of personal irresponsibilty. If everyone waited until he or she was ready to have a child to have sex, the abortion problem would essentially dissappear. Unfortunately, our culture today promotes casual sex and strays from the religious values upon which this country was founded.

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