What We Can Take Away From Minn. and La.

As Americans, having the ability to have emergency units arrive to your home momentarily is a privilege we often take for granted. And of course, the left continues to undermine our police force through shouts of systemic racism and bigotry.

First, these tragedies do not show systemic issues with cops but rather anecdotal events that are awful. Second, the shooting of Philandro Castille is most definitely the cops wrongdoing. The tenor of the cops voice shows he is in shock, and furthermore knows he is about to go to jail forever. On top of that, the cop looks young, ignorant, and inexperienced.

In Baton Rogue, a different scenario occurs. After a 911 call was placed because Alton was reported threatening someone with a gun, the cops showed up, and one thing lead to another, and he was on the ground. The video shows two cops pinning him down but does not show his right arm and pocket. The cop so vividly yells gun and then shoots Alton several times to death. The problem with this case is that Alton HAD a gun, which he could have been trying to grab and maybe shoot a cop with. If he reaching for his gun, the killing is justified. With the two videos released, we can’t see enough to know one or the other.

A lot of rhetoric from BLM puts forward the notion that we need less policing in high crime areas, but…. we have seen this happen in places like New York, Baltimore, and Chicago… all democrat run cities with strict gun restrictions, and ….. violence has skyrocketed with Chicago having the highest murder rates in the country.

If this police brutality shown in Minnesota continues in the same place, then we may be able to tie the actions to mistraining and misinforming of a certain police academy or policy, but anecdotal stories from around the country do not show systematic aggression or racism, but individual mistakes and, in some instances, messed up people.

Perpetuating all cops as racist only will influence cops to overthink when they are trying to protect themselves and their communities in the future for fear of being called racist or aggressive, which will directly lead to more cops dying and crime rates rising.

-Andrew Skibbie

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