What the Hell Just Happened????

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I was #NeverTrump. I had come to the conclusion that conservatives had lost this election and had no one to support. Donald Trump, with his leftist tendencies, rampant populism, bigoted language, and absent character did not meet my standards for president. Hillary Clinton, well, was Hillary Clinton.

Trump, as the Republican nominee, carried with him the threat of permanently corrupting the conservative movement in his populist image, damaging the primary vehicle left to save the country. With Clinton came the threat of destruction to the rule of law, the Constitution, and our rights and freedoms through her corruption, Supreme Court appointments, and leftist policy agenda.

Trump supporters, however reluctantly, insisted Trump must be elected to defeat Clinton, an entirely rational argument. They got their wish, and now it’s time for conservatives to make the most of it. Republicans now have control of the House, the Senate, and the presidency, but the threat of Trump’s populism and incompetence is more real now than ever.

Now onto the good stuff… what the hell just happened????

I. Obama, the mainstream media, and Hollywood

Man oh man was this fun. Leftism’s ivory tower, once the Leaning Tower of Pisa, has collapsed under its own weight. After eight years of lecture, deceit, and abuse, the American people have said enough is enough to their leftist overlords.

Barack Obama, Amy Schumer, John Oliver, Chris Matthews, it turns out you all don’t have nearly the power you think you do. In that I can rejoice. The leftist elites dug their own grave through their attempted power grab and are at last suffering the consequences.

Obama won in 2008 as a promised great unifier and bringer of “hope and change.” His eloquence and charm captured the hearts and minds of optimistic citizens across America. To top it all off, he was America’s first black president, proof that the country had come so far since the era of Jim Crow just some fifty years ago.

And… he threw it all away. He went on a worldwide apology tour for America’s “policing” of the world. He signed Obamacare into law without a single Republican vote, completely overhauling an entire segment of the economy. He used executive orders to prevent the deportations of illegal immigrants. He condemned the police nationwide for being institutionally racist. He forced states to open up bathrooms to people of the opposite sex. He repeatedly used his power as leader of the free world to force upon the people his strain of ideology far to the left of ordinary Americans.

And the mainstream media and Hollywood were at the forefront of all of it. They praised Obama at every turn, denouncing those who resisted his leftist push as racists and bigots. Through their biased reporting, talk shows, commercials, and Saturday Night Live skits, they repeatedly put their far-leftism on display in their attempt to overtake traditional America.

Enough was enough.

II. The New Path to 270

For the past several elections, the general consensus was that the path to 270 for Republicans ran through Florida, Ohio, Virginia, and then some combination of Colorado, Iowa, and New Hampshire. Not any more. Trump has broken through the “blue wall” in the rust-belt states of Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin, states no Republican has won since the 80’s.

Reagan Democrats are now Trump Democrats. White working class voters, formally in the Democrat camp, gave Trump the base he needed to win the Electoral College. Trump has Obama, the media, and Hollywood to thank for that.

That white working class voters make up the base of the new Republican Party is a reality that conservatives are going to have to cope with going forward. Does this mean that conservatives will now need to rail against free trade? Legal immigration? Our alliances abroad? No. But it does mean that conservatives will need to explain clearly how small government benefits everyone, including the white working class, lest they let the Republican party continue to dissolve into a European-style populist party, a trend Trump and his Breitbart allies have begun, or, just as damaging, lose those voters back to the Democrats.

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