What is an “American”

pixabay.com via tpsdave

An American is the culmination of the ideas and values inculcated from western culture as it has evolved over time. These values stem from Judeo-Christian tenets of morality and freedom, values seen in many instances of altruism, philanthropic work, and basic human decency. The average American is culturally diffused with an assortment of sophistication that empowers their intellect to restrain from ethnocentricity, and to instead promulgate an American culture of basic moral goodness that includes all different sects and denominations of people. Due to our largely free-market system with relatively low tax rates, an American possesses the ability to climb the economic ladder that resembles one’s effort in the marketplace, making America wildly different from other countries. The average American is by no stretch of the imagination perfect, but as Americans we must strive to progress to make edits and formulations to our current political and social system to optimize the most amount of liberty and freedom for each individual person without diminishing equality of opportunity.

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