Three Questions to Ask for Young Socialists

Bernie Sanders, a self described socialist, is one of the two leading candidates in the Democrat primary, and young Americans are fueling his rise. And heck, let’s throw Hillary Clinton and her supporters in there with the rise of the socialist movement too because she can’t explain the difference between a Democrat and a socialist. Here are three questions to ask yourself if you are a young socialist.

1. Why are you a socialist?

A. Your parents are socialists.

B. Your teachers are socialists.

C. Facts and data have proven that socialism is a more efficient and better economic model than capitalism.

If your answer was C, then A, B, or both are also true because you’re wrong. If you disagree, then point out to me an example of socialism working more effectively than capitalism in a country, and I will point out to you a dozen counterexamples in response.

2. What do you hope to accomplish with socialism?

A. To make everybody equally poor.

B. To punish success.

C. To move toward a new world order where everyone cooperates together in harmony and competition is absolved.

If your answer was C, then you will undoubtedly use A, B, or both as a means of accomplishing C.

3. Who is your favorite socialist figure in history?

A. Adolph Hitler

B. Joseph Stalin

C. Wait, they were socialists?

If your answer was C, then you need to reconsider being a socialist.

-Trevor Louis


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