The Totalitarianism of Democratic Socialism

In one of my previous posts, Democratic Socialism… Until It’s Not, I explained how electing Bernie Sanders would bring about the rise of totalitarianism.

JustSaying had this to say in the comments:

You make a lot of points, but where is the substance?

Rather than just taking a bunch of cheap lousy shots at Bernie for having socialist ideas and making ridiculous and baseless accusations that voting for him is apparently a vote towards Stalinist Russia or a communist regime that would instigate a World War, why not attack and criticize his core ideas and his approach towards resolving the nations issues by offering coherent evidence and logic. Be above the Liberal media and display your thoughts in a reasonable and intelligent manner.

What is so “totalitarian” about:
-Reforming campaign politics to get big money out of politics and restoring a sense of democracy to the United States that the founding father fought for?

– Getting people out of unemployment through stimulus by investing a large sum of money into infrastructure that would put a lot of people back to work and modernize our country’s infrastructure, a core piece of our economy? What makes this far worse than imposing a flat tax and hoping for the best?”

-Getting universal health care, an act that would boost the economy and save the government trillions of dollars over the next decade in health expenditures

-Making sure that the wealthy pay their fair share of taxes and don’t store their money in off shore havens?

Here was my response:

First of all, I’m glad you’re reading so many of our posts. Secondly, the whole point of the post is that as you give the government more and more power, the less democratic it becomes. I’ll gladly go through each of your points to show you where the seeds of totalitarianism lay.

A vote for Bernie is a vote towards Stalinist Russia. After all, he spent his honeymoon in the Soviet Union.

Totalitarian regimes require the support of the people to be first implemented. This is why I cited the fact that Hitler was elected before implementing a one-party state.

Now on to your specific points:
-Money is speech. To get big money out of politics, you have to ignore the first amendment to the Constitution which protects the right of people to support candidates as they want to. This is what the founding fathers fought for, a republic that protects the right of the minority, the people making donations, in the face of the tyrannical majority. This is why we are a republic and not a democracy, which the founders opposed on the grounds that no democracy has ever been successful for long because it turns into mob rule, and it’s easy for charismatic figures who want to uproot the system to say, “Follow me, I’ll show you the way and solve all of your problems,” and then win enough popular support to get elected. This is how totalitarian figures like Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders can be one step away from getting elected.

-To do this (a stimulus) requires, as you say, large sums of money. To get large sums of money, you have to use government sponsored theft in the form of high taxes. A flat tax opens up the market, institutes fairness, and allows the people to improve their lives using the greatest economic system devised in history.

-Universal health care requires the government taking over a whole quarter of the economy. Instead of letting the free market, which has given the US the highest quality health care in the world, run the economy, Bernie would run health care from Washington, which is in its very essence totalitarianism. Even in other countries that have universal health care, they let local governments provide it instead of the central government because they know that centralized health care would be far too expensive and inefficient.

-The top 10 percent of the nation’s wealthiest people pay 70 percent of the nation’s taxes. That’s more than fair. Using the government to steal from the rich and hand to the poor is the very definition of being unfair. And any money that is stored in offshore accounts would be brought back if we had a flat tax.

Thanks for your interest.

This is where totalitarianism begins, people.

-Trevor Louis

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  1. So what your saying is Bernie Sanders is like Abe Lincoln because he is old. That has no bearing on anything. Furthermore, comparing a socialist like Sanders to Lincoln is is a grave insult to Lincoln and his legacy. Also, Abe Lincoln grew up in Kentucky. I sincerely hope this is a joke.

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