The Strong Man

After the exchanges last week between Donald Trump and Ted Cruz involving their wives, many Trump supporters expressed how it proved that Donald Trump owns up to his mistakes while Ted Cruz always blames others. According to them, Ted Cruz hides behind his PACs while Trump doesn’t have PACs and therefore is a “real man.” Nothing could be further from the truth. The PAC that posted the ad with the nude Melania Trump picture is unaffiliated with Ted Cruz, and by law, Ted Cruz is not allowed to have any coordination with the PAC. Despite the fact that he had nothing to do with the ad, Ted Cruz still denounced the ad and said that that would not be tolerated by his campaign.

Donald Trump, on the other hand, has not owned up to anything from last week. On the radio with Charlie Sykes, Trump said that he did not think that the picture of Heidi Cruz looked that bad and that he did nothing wrong. Also, the National Enquirer, which supports Donald Trump, published a story claiming that Ted Cruz has had five mistresses. The only source in the story was Roger Stone, who is an adviser to Trump. Given this connection, it is quite reasonable to believe that Trump was behind the story. Not only did Trump say he had nothing to do with the story, which is hard to believe, Trump also did not denounce the story, saying that he did not know whether it was true. Given the contrast with how Ted Cruz handled the Melania Trump ad, it is quite clear who really takes responsibility for wrongdoings.

-Trevor Louis

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