The Qualifications of Donald Trump

If you ask a Trump supporter, who claims they are conservative,  why they they support Donald Trump, the typical answer is that he is a businessman who will get things done. After explaining that we need to secure the border, which is of course true, Trump supporters routinely struggle to explain further why Donald Trump is qualified to be president and why a Trump presidency would be good for America. The problem is that Trump supporters are so far down the rabbit hole with Trump that they can’t find any other way to justify their support for Trump other than his status as an outsider.

Despite the fact that Trump’s platform is much more similar to Bernie Sanders’ than Ted Cruz’, from trade to health care to foreign policy, many Trump supporters are convinced that Trump is the unfiltered conservative and businessman who will make America great again. There are a plethora of businessmen who are conservatives who could actually do a decent job of reforming Washington, one of whom ran this year, Carly Fiorina. It’s fine to support a candidate for being an outsider, but don’t abandon your principles to do so.

-Trevor Louis

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