The Left’s Attack Against Free Speech

At DePaul University on May 24th, a mob of Black Lives Matters members forced Milo’s speech to end early, due to violent protest and free speech censorship. As we continue to see the regressive left on college campuses censor a free market of ideas, this authoritarian grasp on young minds will eventually yield a new conservative movement with young people.

As a byproduct of the new left, college campuses in the last 30 years have grown drastically to the left in regard to authority roles. This midterm election cycle, at the University of California and the University of Texas, more than 82% of professors and those in authority roles donated to the Democrats. Now, it is no secret that most colleges are to the left, but the kind of safe spaces and PC culture that have been promulgated by the authoritarian regimes, with tax payer dollars, create and indoctrinate college students to be leftists.

Instead of combatting hate speech with good speech, the left continues to silence all opposing viewpoints to increase their leftist monopoly on young people. The left’s suppression of conservative viewpoints can be seen throughout the country with college visits by Ben Shapiro, Milo Yiannopoulos and Steven Crowder.

See Milos most recent clash with the college left,

The authoritarianism of the left in college is not taken lightly, and an ever increasing young conservative movement is surging to bring forth a free market of ideas, which combat and sort out hate-filled, racist, and bigoted speech from good, nuanced speech that can be used to create policy that works for the people.

The theme of safe spaces in communities has indirectly facilitated the rise of Trump, which may be a necessary evil to rid politics of the cancerous PC culture.

-Andrew Skibbie


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