The Future of Conservatism

We started this blog to contribute to the conservative movement and its future. With Donald Trump as the all but official Republican nominee, the need to speak out in support of conservatism is of all time importance. The conservative movement cannot stand behind Trump. If Trump becomes the face of the conservative movement, then the movement will quickly be replaced by a mix of populist liberalism and the extreme nationalism of the “alt-right.” Conservatism in its purest form is what will put this country back on the right track. Trump’s brand of populist liberalism and nationalism will, ironically, do anything but make america great again.

But we know this. We know that Trump is not a conservative. We know he’s a New York bred liberal with authoritarian tendencies. Yet, those who have been considered the biggest leaders of the conservative movement in the past, from Sean Hannity to Newt Gingrich, have shown unwavering support for Donald Trump in the Republican primaries. Beyond those who have been supporting Donald Trump in the primaries, many leading conservatives, like Rush Limbaugh and Bobby Jindal, have said that they will vote for Donald Trump if only to defeat Hillary Clinton in November. This is madness.

These same conservative leaders have been preaching for years that the authoritarian tendencies of the left must be squashed and that the ideology of constitutional conservatism must become the dominating force of American politics. Now, they are witnessing the hostile takeover of the Republican party from the left, and instead of fighting back, they are supporting it. Why? Why are these leaders siding against the conservative movement when they have been such avid defenders of it for so long?

To side against the conservative movement now means that these leaders don’t believe that conservatism has a future as a governing philosophy. These leaders have grown increasingly frustrated with the growth of liberalism among millenials and see a future in which true conservatism would receive the support of only a fringe group of voters. Instead of doubling down on fighting cultural and political wars to win converts to the conservative movement, these leaders have decided that it’s a far easier process to expand the “new conservative” base by appealing to populist liberals and super-nationalists.

To these conservative leaders, at least it’s better to expand with this coalition than to take the steps provided in the Republican Party’s 2012 “autopsy report” in which the party’s solution to win elections was to support amnesty and the entire Democrat platform to a slightly lesser agree. They would rather be a European style right-wing nationalist party than a Democrat-lite party. This could be understandable if it didn’t concede that conservatism has to blend with either of those two ideologies to become a governing philosophy. By siding with the authoritarianism of populist liberalism and super-nationalism now, these conservative leaders are ensuring that there will be no voice for limited government in the future, and that is a voice that must always be heard.

So forget these conservative leaders. They might be ready for the conservative movement to die, but I can assure you that the grassroots conservative base is not. If liberty is truly worth fighting for, as the founding fathers believed, then it is of all time importance that conservatism resists the changes that its leaders are trying to bring upon it and that it stops Donald Trump. If it doesn’t, then we will have failed to secure and pass down the blessings of liberty to our posterity as it has been passed down to us.

-Trevor Louis


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