The Double Life of Donald Trump

If Donald Trump has one thing right, it’s that the establishment and the donor elites run politics. They pick the candidates, and therefore choose their policies. The elites grow government, corrupt the free market, and drive massive cultural shifts of which immigration reform and the failed Gang of Eight amnesty bill are prime examples. Trump quite plainly states that stupid people are running the government. Well perhaps this is true, but the real question is who it was that put them there. If politicians are simply the puppets of the establishment elites, then someone has to be their puppeteer.

Enter Donald Trump. Trump has long donated to politicians on both sides of the aisle to push through his corrupt, crony capitalist agenda. When asked why he has long donated to moderate and liberal politicians, Trump simply responds that that is what you do if you are in business; you get in the ear of politicians to pass laws that benefit you and you alone by killing off competition at the detriment of the American people. He has done this for so long that he is friends with everybody in Washington, which is why he supported the bank bailouts to help out his donor friends that he had grown accustomed to working with.

Trump is the poster child for the out of touch elites that he now rails against. He cannot simply blame the establishment for all of the faults in America when he funded it for his entire adult life. When Trump blames the establishment for running the country poorly, he is really blaming himself for not doing a better job. Many people want to know what a Trump presidency would look like, but all you have to do to find out is look at what the modern political era has brought America: growing government, anti-capitalism, and anti-constitutionalism that have long led the country astray from its founding principles.

Trump boldly states that he will make America great again without offering much substance other than immigration reform and protectionist trade policies. On the first of these issues, he has proceeded to flip flop to the point that it is unknown what a real Trump immigration plan would look like, the most recent of these being his flip flop on H1B visas. Trump, along with the rest of the donor elites, also funded the politicians who led the Gang of Eight amnesty bill. Secondly, his protectionist trade policies would be a disaster, temporarily providing a safety net for American companies while killing off competition and raising prices for the American people.

Trump has not provided many details for how he will make America great again, and for this reason he is politically malleable and perfectly ready to have his platform shaped by his establishment friends. Jimmy Carter, whom Trump supported over Ronald Reagan, cited this reason as why Trump is his favorite Republican. All of Trump’s establishment buddies will be able to get in a room with him and make deals to get what they wanted all along, more government and less competition. If there is any Republican that Sen. Chuck Schumer wants to negotiate with, it’s the billionaire donor from New York.

Trump has been able to convince much of the Republican electorate that he is on the side of the people. He will grow government to solve all of their problems. It’s this very mentality that the political elites have trademarked. The elites think that they know better than the American people and can help them better than the people can help themselves. That’s not what America needs. For 2016, let’s elect a candidate that understands that it’s the American people, not the government, who will make America great again.

-Trevor Louis

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