The Daily Whig Featured on LifeZette!

Yesterday, I had a chance to talk on the phone with Deirdre Reilly, who is an editor at LifeZette, Laura Ingraham’s news site. After we had a nice chat about the Daily Whig and what Trevor and I have been up to with our marketing of conservatism, she wrote an awesome article about us and the site- Young Conservatives Stand Up for Their Beliefs.

Besides being pumped up from being shouted out by Laura Ingraham (she also tweeted the article), I feel like the time is perfect to revamp young political culture. Something we try to stress at the Daily Whig is that millennials and gen-x’ers will be the voting base in 10-20 years- but what will be our identity? Will we become slaves to the cultural marxism of the Bernie Bros? Or will we become united under the classical liberal teachings of individualism and personal responsibility along with limited government.

I, for one, choose the latter. We have written a few articles on what a classical liberal alliance looks like (Three Domestic Policies of a Classical Liberal Coalition and Why Republicans Should Turn Back to Classic Liberalism and others).

Big things are coming to the site. We are working on future articles, podcasts, and maybe even bringing on a few contributors so we can bring up content volume.

Stay tuned.

-Andrew Skibbie

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