The BLM movement would be conservative… if only it wasn’t based on a lie.

Here’s my biggest problem with the Black Lives Matter movement: it’s all based on a lie. I wouldn’t be quick to condemn their rhetoric or tactics if their motives were based on facts, but they’re not. Their motives are based on feelings.

If their motives were based on factual evidence that police departments across the country are systemically racist, then the movement itself would, in many ways, line up with conservative and founding principles.

Let’s imagine for a second that Black Lives Matter was telling the truth about the police. In this case, Jefferson’s logic from the Declaration of Independence would follow, and the government, in this case the enforcement wing of the government, should be abolished and replaced because it has failed to secure the rights of the people. This is exactly what some protesters want, with some of them calling for an end to the police and its replacement through “community solutions.”

It would also follow that the abolishment and replacement of that government would be worth fighting for in the name of freedom, which would give greater justification for killing police officers if it was a part of, in fact, a just war on cops. Many British soldiers during the Revolutionary War were good people who were just doing their jobs, but they were killed none-the-less, and rightfully so.

But… Black Lives Matter is not telling the truth. According to the Washington Post, around 50% of the people killed in police shootings in 2015 were white while around 20% were black. According to a Harvard study, white people are more likely to killed by police in their encounters than black people are. Statistic after statistic shows that there is no systemic racism in our law enforcement nationwide. Seriously. I’ll link it again. Read this from the Daily Wire.

Because there is no evidence of systemic racism in police departments nationwide, each police shooting must be investigated and prosecuted individually on the basis of evidence. The shootings should not immediately be thrown into the BLM narrative churner without evidence to support it.

So stop lying to us, Black Lives Matter. You’re pulling on the heart strings of every American who believes in liberty and justice for all with a false narrative. If you were telling the truth, conservatives would be out there protesting with you, but you’re not. You’re slandering the men and women who put their lives on the line every day to keep us safe, and they are, and we are, less safe because of it.

-Trevor Louis





  1. Hey its me again.
    I do agree that BLM would be a very conservative principle had there been more evidence but here’s the thing.
    -Non hispanic White people make up 62% of the US populous, roughly 198 million people. 500 white people were killed by police
    -Black people make up 12 % of the US populous, roughly 38 million people.
    Correct me if I am wrong but I believe it was 238 Black people who were killed by police.
    If we both do the math, we see that African American population has seen more deaths from police brutality three times as much as the white population has.

    Secondly, I think it is unfair to associate the deaths of innocent cops to the BLM movements because as much as you may not like it, BLM advocates for peace and condemnation of violence all together;therefore, cop killing would prove to represent the opposite. Kind of like how we associate ISIS as proponents of Islam but their violent and senseless acts suggest the complete opposite.

    Frankly if you ask me, the fact that police brutality exists upon any race is terrible, and measures should be taken to ensure the protection of all people, especially in times where we are going to need to trust law enforcement more than ever with crime rates climbing and domestic terrorism becoming much more of a threat to the republic.( Orlando shooting,Beradino, Baton Rouge)

    Nice article.

    • The reason why more Black people are killed by police officers, proportionally, is because they have committed a much higher share of violent crimes, and therefore have more encounters with police officers. The Harvard study I linked discovered that white people are more likely to be killed than black people in their encounters with the police. What the study also discovered is that while white people are more likely to be killed by the police than black people, black people are more likely to experience lower levels of physical abuse. This is something that must be looked at, but it is not the problem that BLM is crying out about. They’re crying out about racist police killings, which are not a systemic problem.

      I think when BLM perpetuates the lie that there is systemic racism or holds up people like thug-armed-robberer Michael Brown as martyrs, they are at least partially at fault for the deaths of cops. Add to that the chants for “dead cops” that have been perpetuated by BLM protesters, and yes, they are at fault.

      You are my favorite commenter.

      • Hey,
        Black people do not commit a higher share of violent crimes. Sure black people commit more murders and robberies, but white people commit more aggravated assaults, rapes, arson, burglary, and larcenary theft.

        While the Harvard study does claim that white people are more likely to be shot be police, correct me if I am wrong, but it didn’t look like it took into account that the population size of white people compared to blacks might have an effect?(general question). Secondly the data on that study did show that black people are much more likely to endure higher levels of abuse than white people despite making up only 12% of the population.

        People who chant the happily for death of cops are scum of the earth who cannot be associated with BLM because their beliefs don’t correlate with the beliefs of BLM, which is for peace and justice for all. In addition, most of perpetrators of the cop killings are not affiliated with BLM.

        Thanks, this is a great board.

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