Satire Saturday: Barack Obama Starts a Cover Band

Source: Ninac21 Flickr Creative Commons

Barack Obama was spotted at an open mic event at a bar in Bethesda this evening, in what became the debut performance of his new band: Barack Obama and the Forgettable Presidents.

Spectators found the first-time front man’s performance “moving” for reasons they couldn’t really explain. One said, “Well it was a little pitchy, but I really really love him.”

Filling out the band are big names like Chester A. Arthur on guitar, Rutherford B. Hayes on bass, Millard Fillmore on keyboard, and William Henry Harrison on drums.

One listener explained, “I thought the sound left a little something to be desired. Have I heard of them before?”

The band played a list of songs from their debut album, which is soon to be released, called “Barack Obama and the Forgettable Presidents: Greatest Hits.”

Here’s the song list:

1) “Jeremiah Wright’s Alright”
2) “Writing a Memoir at 34”
3) “I Won a Peace Prize”
4) “Hopeless”
5) “You Can Keep Your Doctor”
6) “Don’t Cross My Red Line”
7) “Screw Fox News”
8) “Doubling the National Debt”
9) “Changeless”
10) “Hey, What Happened to My Healthcare Law?”

The band also played a couple of rearranged cover songs. The first two were versions of Bruce Springsteen classics – “Born to Run for President” quickly followed by “I Swear I was Born in the USA.”

Ed Sheeran fans would appreciate the band’s closing song. Technically it was an encore, though Obama started the encore chant himself. Anyway, the closing song – “The JV Team” – was almost finished before the whole bar erupted in excitement over a recent Trump tweet.

Barack Obama and the Forgettable Presidents have issued a statement that they refuse to play at the inauguration next Friday. They were never asked to.

-Trevor Louis

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