Obamacare 2.0

Conservatives are profoundly upset with the House GOP’s Obamacare replacement bill. This should come as no surprise to the Republican establishment, given the pleas of the American people to simply repeal Obamacare. Rather than repeal Obamacare, the Republicans have developed a replacement that does not support the conservative, free market philosophy and continues to lead the United States down a road littered with failing entitlement programs. The conservative voters’ requests have been clear; repeal Obamacare, then enact a free market based replacement.

Andrew Klavan, of The Andrew Klavan Show, on The Daily Wire, provides an accurate description of the conservatives’ concerns regarding the Obamacare replacement bill and big government healthcare solutions. He explains, “Nothing is free. Somebody has to pay for it, and when somebody pays for it, his freedom is taken away. The state never gives you anything, it never gives you anything, it only takes things away.” He continues, “It [the government] trades you stuff for freedom.”   Stuff, in this case, is healthcare. The government is essentially taking the tax payer’s money and redistributing it through healthcare and other entitlements. Now, on the surface, healthcare seems to be an acceptable way to spend the American people’s money, but there are dangerous implications that follow state controlled healthcare. Klavan uses the example of a smoker. He explains that the smoker will cost the state more money to provide healthcare, therefore the smoker no longer enjoys the right to smoke. This is problematic because the state will become involved with everyday decisions regarding diet, fitness, and health of individuals. A better solution to the United States’ healthcare issue involves a free market approach to provide cheaper healthcare with better quality for its citizens.

If the free market was to dictate the healthcare system, there would be more insurance companies, more choices of doctor, overall better quality healthcare, and cheaper means of obtaining healthcare. The free market creates competition between insurance companies, therefore companies that provide better insurance at cheaper rates will offer better options for the American people. Also, without the government’s involvement, people will have more choices of greater caliber doctors. The only bill that would need to be passed would be one that provided those who truly cannot afford healthcare with a health savings account. A health savings account lends those in need immediate financial help in the case of medical emergency. With the allotted money, an individual would reserve the right to decide which doctor they want to provide them medical service, rather than the government deciding for them. In short, a free market healthcare system would offer better quality at cheaper price, while at the same time protect those who are in difficult financial situations.

Conservatives have been fighting for such a solution since the beginnings of Obamacare. It is often frustrating to watch the House GOP disregard the cries of the republican voters. It is unclear, that in a government controlled by republicans, exactly why the new replacement bill is even a suggestion. If the bill is to appease the democrats in attempts to compromise, please, throw it away and repeal Obamacare. Conservative voters ask that the House GOP stand up for their philosophies of free market healthcare and no longer appease the uncompromising left

-Ed Molloy

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