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Yes, The Daily Whig does culture. And yes, The New York Times is awful at just about everything.

In todays opinion page on The New York Times, the editorial A Cruel Test for Germany, Europe makes the claim that stating facts about radical Islam and its horrors in incidents like the Berlin attack furthers xenophobia and plays into the hands of the Islamic State.

The piece starts off by saying, “The populist right has wasted no time waiting for facts to emerge about the identity of the attacker in Berlin or a motive to slam Chancellor Angela Merkel for her humane asylum policy and to push its xenophobic agenda”.

Yes, waiting for facts to emerge is the right thing to do in these situations, and the honest way to go about solutions, but we must realize heavy Islamic immigration into Germany has had its downsides, to say the least. Merkel’s open boarders immigration policy has promulgated a spike in violent crime, especially in heavily Muslim areas. It isn’t xenophobic to state facts and discuss the repercussions Germany is seeing play out from Merkel’s “humane asylum policy”.

The editorial next makes the claim that “President-elect Donald Trump also jumped in on Monday, lumping the Berlin attack with the assassination on the same day of Russia’s ambassador to Turkey and an attack within hours at an Islamic prayer center in Zurich, tweeting, “The civilized world must change thinking!” That is the wrong response”.

Trump’s premise that the Islamic world is less civilized than then the United States, or any other Western nation for that matter, is spot on. Middle-Eastern Islamic cultures that force women into secondary roles with less civil and legal rights than men, persecute gays with acts of violence towards them, and practice intolerance to other cultures ARE less civilized.

This editorial’s last claim is that, “With each new attack, whether on a Christmas market or a mosque, the challenge to Europe to defend tolerance, inclusion, equality and reason grows more daunting. If Europe is to survive as a beacon of democratic hope in a world rent by violent divisions, it must not cede those values now”.

Europe seeking to defend tolerance and equality means that people from ALL cultures who practice basic human decency have a place in western world; however, if someone refuses to adopt rudimentary western values of equality for all people, especially women and gays, then they don’t have a place in said country, period.

The New York Times’ political correctness blinds them of their blatant hypocrisy. They act as apologists for a culture that is the antithesis to ‘democratic’ values. Why can’t we as Westerners look at people based on their values and principles, rather than their ethnicity? If those people practice decency and an adherence to basic western principles then they should absolutely be able to live in harmony with other Westerners, no matter the race, color, or creed.

-Andrew Skibbie

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