‘Free Trade’ is Freedom

pixabay.com via NikolayF

Protectionism and tariffs are the antithesis to freedom. Bernie Sanders’ trade policies, which were praised by Trump, take away the freedom for the everyday American to choose the most cheap consumer good.

No, NAFTA did not cripple the American economy. Instead, NAFTA added millions of jobs to the American workforce while increasing the average wages.

By levying tariffs on hardworking Americans you only increase the price of everyday consumer goods like watches, cars, phones, food etc.

Yes, you may bring back a minute amount of factory jobs to Detroit, but you cripple the power of the free market in the process.

Now, everyday Americans are paying that much more for everyday goods without a raise to their pay.

That doesn’t sound like freedom, that sounds a lot like the Democrat policies that have stagnated growth and brought financial decline for the middle-class.

Just remember, they call it “Free” Trade for a reason…

-Andrew Skibbie

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