Democrats Realize Conservatives Are Right About Freedom of Association

Richard Drew/AP

In the wake of Trump’s victory, leftists make a great conservative stand against the president-elect, without them even being aware of it. 

The left has come out in droves to stand against Trump by practicing their right to association through using the free-market to deny services to Trump and his minions. Fashion icon Andre Leon Talley has said he won’t dress Melania Trump anymore. Anthony Bourdain has announced he won’t eat at any restaurant hosted at Trump Tower. Many artists have also protested the president-elect by demanding that Ivanka Trump give back their paintings (that she bought) which hang in her New York apartment. Even some of the Radio City Rockettes have voiced outrage over their future performance at the Inauguration in January.

The left believes in freedom of association, but only when it works in favor of them and against their political opponents. If Andre Leon Talley doesn’t wish to dress Melania, then that’s his prerogative, but the Christian baker that doesn’t want to bake a cake for a gay wedding also has that right. No one has the right to anothers’ services, period. Conservatives have the intellectual honesty to put the shoe on the other foot, but again, that requires intellectual consistency, something the left doesn’t like.

After years of the left forcing their moral code on religious people through mandating federal funding for Planned Parenthood and stripping Christian bakers’ right to deny people service, they find themselves caught in hypocrisy, and finally realizing freedom of association is rather imperative.

-Andrew Skibbie


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