California Primary Preview: “Workers Unite!”

Tonight, the Democrats of California will make clear which direction they want their party to take. The choice is a simple one: do these voters want their socialist candidate to masquerade their big government intentions or to wear them on their sleeve proudly? The choice is not a matter of substance but of style, but it is an important one that will shape the party’s future.

Voters say that they want honesty in their candidates. After years of being lied to on the campaign trail by establishment politicians, Democrats across the country have rejected the lying corruption of Hillary Clinton in favor of Bernie Sanders, a man who has always sided with the extreme left and makes his intentions clear.

Even with the full support of the establishment in the form of super-delegates, the media, and a superior political network, Hillary has struggled to put Bernie away because the base has had it with her deceitfulness. They want their socialism to be displayed loudly and proudly regardless of the consequences, which will soon be enormous.

Honesty about big government intentions may satisfy the Democrat base, but it will also doom the party in the eyes of the public. The only reason Democrats have won elections on a national scale is because they have campaigned on ambiguous platforms only to be clear leftists once in office. Barrack Obama won on a message of hope and change. If he had made Obamacare the focal point of his message, he never would have been elected.

But the left doesn’t care. The divide between the establishment and the base is now too wide to be mended. Whether it happens tonight with Bernie Sanders winning the largest state in the union or in four years with another candidate, the Democrat party will soon make absolutely clear that they are an extremist party that wants to fundamentally change America. Americans will soon see the Democrat’s true side; the only question is when.

-Trevor Louis


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