#Brexit! What American Conservatives Can Take Away

A lot has been written already on the subject of #Brexit, but there’s one huge takeaway that American conservatives should gather from this: politics as usual won’t bring about a smaller, more decentralized government. Without a referendum, the first of its kind since 1975, the UK never would have left the European Union. Leaders in parliament would have opted to maintain the status quo, and the UK would have continued to be subject to laws written by unelected bureaucrats in Brussels. The British electorate had to rally together themselves to regain their national sovereignty and, therefore, preserve their liberty.

The same is true for Washington and America. Right now, unelected bureaucrats in Washington subject Americans to way more laws than our representatives in congress do. Paul Ryan and the Republican led House have made fixing this problem one of the key issues in their #BetterWay platform, but even if they were to succeed in the future, how long would it last, and would it even matter? Over time, politics as usual would once again give the federal government more and more power in places never held accountable. As Thomas Jefferson said, “The natural progress of things is for liberty to yield and government to gain.”

That’s why conservatives need to start operating outside of the traditional realm of politics to limit the size and scope of government. Specifically, conservatives should call a convention of states, as outlined in the constitution and advocated for by such people as Mark Levin, to place new limits on the federal government and give more power to the states. In addition, conservatives should look to nullification, as outlined and advocated for by Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, and today by libertarian Thomas Woods, to limit the power of the federal government. Both of these measures would be far more effective and long-lasting than weak Republican leadership in congress or even in the oval office.

-Trevor Louis


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